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Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keep track of all interactions with every contact, including emails sent, social media interaction, events attended, and any notes you want to take.

A few of the powerful tools at your fingertips with ProBos's Intelligent CRM

  • Demographic and Activity-Based Lead Scoring - Identify the leads and customers that have the greatest value to you with a single, powerful, fully customizable lead scoring system.  Easy-to-manage Big Data at your fingertips!
  • Complete Marketing Automation - Your CRM works directly with tools to save you time and ties in to your storefront, analytics, forms, and more.
  • Easy-to-use Workflows - set up sequences that assign activities to contacts and send emails automatically.
  • Instant Feedback from Email, Mobile, and More - The GreenRope CRM shows you realtime information about your contacts, wherever they are.
  • Built-in IMAP Email Integration - Keep your CRM in synch with your inbox! Works just like your smart phone to keep up with your one-to-one email communication.
  • Keep Track of Payments - Send invoices and track payments from your clients.
  • Sales Pipeline Management System - Assign scores to your webpages to give them importance.
  • Track Website Visitors - Track the activity on your website from anyone in your CRM.
  • Phone Integration - Add click-to-call, inbound call handling, SMS texting, and more, all integrated automatically with your CRM.
  • Predictive Analytics (BI) - See what causes your contacts to purchase from you and predict who is likely to take action next.  By combining demographic and activity data, you can easily see at a glance who your hottest leads are.
  • Much more! Take a free trial and find out how ProBos's Intelligent CRM can revolutionize your organization.


What does Intelligent CRM mean to us?

CRM, commonly known as Customer Relationship Management, can be imperative as you grow your business!  CRM is a widely implemented strategy for managing business interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize and automate processes for customer engagement and tracking. That means information about customers, their browsing history, email interaction, social media activity and any other trackable data.  CRM enhances your marketing efficiency through more effective processes of communicating with current and potential customers. 

CRM Screen Shot

ProBos Intelligent CRM - A New Breed of CRM

With ProBos, you can build your database and manage your contacts all from one easy to use web based software. CRM tools help you keep track of all interactions with each contact, including emails sent, events attended, and any notes you want to take. Create as many custom user-defined fields for each contact as you would like.  With ProBos, you can automatically connect your inbox to your CRM with our IMAP integration.

Creating a client relationship can be the most important tool for your sales team. Integrating CRM into your targeted email marketing campaigns will allow you to identify potential leads. Tracking these leads, your sales team will be able to quickly and efficiently move them through the sales funnel. When combining email marketing with CRM, you have a powerful sales and marketing tool. Some of the benefits include boosting lead generation, improving services and increasing sales. Using CRM to log all email communications enable your team to create specific and targeted messages to any and all leads. By placing the right message in front of the right lead, the probability of converting leads into sales substantially rises. Your CRM solution will enable your sales team to discern and act upon opportunities to upsell products and services to current customers.

CRM 2 Screen

Lead Scoring - The Secret to Predicting and Ensuring Success

In the world of scoring, identifying who brings you the greatest value, there are two sets of data - demographic and activity-driven. Also known as intrinsic and extrinsic, this describes who your leads and customers are and what they are doing. Together, they are known sometimes as "Big Data".


At ProBos, we demystify and simplify a lot of things for you, and this is another place where harnessing our tools will save you time and money while helping you bring in the clients and revenue you deserve. With a simple interface to customize your contacts' key data fields and actions, you can easily see who is ready for your next sale. You no longer have to guess who is the best candidate for a personal email or phone call - it's all there for you to see in GreenRope!

One of our easy-to-use and easy-to-read charts that shows contacts taking action

Because ProBos's Intelligent CRM (and therefore our marketing automation tools) are integrated, you can measure the impact of contact data (for example, a contact's title, company, or any custom user-defined field) combined with activity data (for example, website visits, email reads or clicks, support tickets, web forms, event attendance, or social media interaction).  All of this information is not longer something to be feared - we collate it all for you in a meaningful way that affects your top and bottom line!

Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence

You can also use ProBos to predict who is likely to purchase a product or service from you.  With our Predictive Analytics package, integrated automatically in to your CRM, you can see what demographics and activities correlate to someone buying from you.  We can take those correlations and tell you who in your current database of contacts is ripe for the next conversion.  And, because our CRM is tightly integrated with our marketing engine, it's easy to target those contacts and send them drip campaigns.

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