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Third-Party Software Integration


Already using other software tools? Let's work together!

Don't worry. We've got you covered! ProBOS already integrates with a lot of different software tools. We understand that it's not always realistic to change all of your business software needs. That's why we are always working hard to integrate with other tools you currently use. Here are some of the tools we already integrate with:

Import Formats

Import from Gmail, Yahoo, MSN,
e-conomic and more

Calendar Sync

Sync with Google Calendar, iCal
and more

Google Analytics Email

Google Analytics for Email Tracking

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds with Website Builder


Keep your CRM in synch with your inbox!

SalesForce QuickBooks

SalesForce Import
QuickBooks Export

Zimbra Coming Soon

Zimbra Integration
Coming Soon!



Looking to integrate another business tool with ProBOS?

Our goal is always to make the life of a business owner easier. If you are using a popular business software tool that we don't already integrate with, simply send us an email‚Äč and we'll look into the possibilities that are available.

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